I’m Sorry Mr. Jackson, Your Cocktails are For Real

urban saloon facade“People see it on the back bar and they call for it now just as much as anything else that’s back there.”

In this edition of Stateside’s “Bartender of the Month,” we met with bartender Jackson Auchinleck from Urban Saloon, to hear how he has found his craft.

Auchinleck got his introduction while working as a bar-back in Philadelphia at an establishment not far from his current place of employment. “I got my start bar-backing in Rittenhouse at Alfa Bar and Restaurant, and upstairs was a club called the Walnut Room.” After Alfa Bar and Restaurant shut their doors for good in 2013, Auchinleck took a job at N. 3rd Bar before ultimately making his way to Urban Saloon.us fall cocktail

Now with ten years of experience and a portfolio of cocktail creations to show for, Auchinleck has defined his approach and refined his style.

When asked what byproducts of his craft he enjoys most, his response reminded us of what makes this city so great. “The vast amount of people I get to meet on a daily basis is what I like most about it.” Can you say, brotherly love?

Getting down to it we inquired what his initial thoughts about Stateside Vodka were and he replied, “I think it’s real clean—Very smooth.”

Being a preeminent account for Stateside Vodka, Urban Saloon got in on the ground floor and has been showing their support ever since. Auchinleck went on to mention how Urban Saloon and the employees are all for supporting the local markets. “We are real good at that, having faith in brands early on and getting behind a local product.”

Two Stateside cocktails currently offered at Urban Saloon are the Winter Spiced D’anjou Pear Martini and the Strawberry and Basil Lemonade. Regardless of what season it is, you can count on Urban Saloon and   Auchinleck for the taste you deserve.    us summer cocktail

Urban Saloon is located on Fairmount Avenue across from the Eastern State Penitentiary. Situated between N 21st and N 22nd streets, this gastropub boasts a brick-wall atmosphere with hearty cuisine and an extensive drink selection.



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