Eat, Drink And Be Murray: Bartender of the Month

“Stateside is a vodka people ask about every day”

As we sought out to capture our next Bartender of the Month, we came across Danielle Murray of Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse located at 111 S. 15th Street. Mother of two by day and bartender extraordinaire by night, Danielle has been in the business for fifteen years and says she is right where she belongs.

Danielle has been with Del Frisco’s for a solid year. She explains the bar is just like the revolving door at the entrance, “We are so busy all the time and every night is completely different.”

With a larger than life staff and more alcohol than anyone would know what to do with, Danielle was intimidated in the early months to say the least. “It is the best oiled machine I have ever been a part of.  Our management team operates differently and is the best representation of the craft.”

Danielle gave us a bit of background on the leaders at Del Frisco’s. “Tina, is our ‘Mom’ and she gets everything and anything done for us. Jeffrey is the Beverage Director who has a plethora of information and training programs to set us up for ultimate success. Carmen, our GM, has been with this company forever and truly thrives on being the captain of the ship. We also have a rotation of other server assistants and sommeliers to sculpt the best experience for our guests.”

We met Danielle a few months ago when we overheard her explaining the story of Stateside to a couple at the bar. She was so engaging and recanted the story as if she was an ambassador for the brand. “Every pre-shift at Del Frisco’s ends with, ‘Push Stateside! It is local and delicious,’” Danielle laughed. “So I made it a priority to sell it with more knowledge than just, ‘this is a new vodka.’ We are converting Tito’s and Ketel drinkers every day. And the vodka is goooood.”

Danielle went on to explain the different drinks Del Frisco’s makes with Stateside. “We make A LOT of martinis.” Danielle is currently crafting her pomegranate martini and a traditional bleu cheese stuffed olive martini with Stateside upon orders. “It never fails,” she said.

martini-vaultDanielle made the transition from a comfortable bar scene to something a bit more grandiose at Del Frisco’s, but loves challenging herself every day. She told us that selling Stateside only helps because it is local and has great talking points. “Everyone loves the story… And I love telling the story so it works out,” she said.

Danielle revealed personally that balancing kids, a husband, and a job is never an easy task.  “Coming to work at Del Frisco’s sometimes feels almost like a vacation.”  She went on to explain, “The key to our corporation is to be precise, smile, and make the guest experience our number one priority.”

“After I tried Stateside, I never went back. It is my favorite! It’s in my freezer right now,” Danielle told us. We certainly are honored to receive such a tribute!

To catch Danielle mastering her craft at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse join her and the team Tuesday through Saturday after 4PM.

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse is located at 111 S. 15th Street Philadelphia, PA 19102.

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